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  The Estimating Wizard 32
New Key Features:
  • Unlimited Insets/Offsets/Openings and Columns
  • Powerful formula editor for ANY calculation.
  • Create estimates within seconds with our new Library Function.
  • Add items to entire buildings with one click.
  • Seamless Global Changes with our pioneering grid control.
  • Easily override any variable before adding to scope.
  • Get Real-time scope and trade break-down on any room or area
  • Export/Import and email your estimates to anyone in many formats.
  • Use the commonly used items list to identify items you use every day.
  • Use the Area items database to create item tables for different zip-codes.
  • Print your price book in many formats: By Action, By Unit Code, By Tradesman, By Trade etc.

Check Out Some Sample Screen Shots
View sample screen shots captured from the actual program itself.

Weekly Wizard Tip!
You can create and use ANY formulas for calculating quantities.